Setting up a communication platform with numerous systems, applications and protocols that communicate with each other is an enormous challenge. Ark Infotech Spectrum provides complete web and mobile application development services to stay ahead in the telecommunications industry.

Telecom Software Solutions

We are specialized in creating custom telecommunications solutions including Business Support Systems (BSS), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Operations Support Systems (OSS) and more.

Network Management Functions

We create custom OSS software to help you manage back-end telecommunication network functions including network configuration, inventory management and more.

Telephony Servicing Solutions

Whether you need Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Centrex software systems or IP PBX, or any other solution, you can rely on our highly experienced and skilled experts.

Technical Consulting

Our technical experts are just a call away to guide you regarding telecom app design, development and usage issues.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

We also provide complete maintenance and support services for website and mobile applications. So, you don’t have to struggle much for maintenance.

Telecom Network Applications

Custom, unified communication platforms developed by us integrate with third-party applications and systems for seamless data transfer.

We make technology work for you

We are passionate about technology and applying it to make our clients' products better and deliver overall value

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