Application Developemnt

We pride ourselves on being a global digital product consultancy which builds and designs software for the world’s best businesses. At Ark Infotech Spectrum, we collaborate with organizations to tap into the value of digital potential thereby assisting them to design and develop digital experiences which deliver measurable results. Our application development processes are based on sound agile methodologies.

Our application development solutions

Whether you need custom app development to make your business relevant, or provide your users with a unique service, we have the software development expertize you need. We offer application development services based on the agile methodology. Our application development services allow our users to log in to to a business’s tailored app without having to download anything.

Our IaaS application development services

We at Ark Infotech Spectrum provide you with backup and recovery solutions as extra security measures. Our cloud-based development teams are quite adept in various web protocols like REST, SOAP and XHTML. We are also experts in designing apps by keeping in mind cloud architecture, maintenance and deployment.

Ecommerce App Development

We at Ark Infotech Spectrum provide secure mobile application development in the domain of e-commerce too. We are adept in integrating ecommerce apps with mobile wallet solutions which are W3C compliant. This ensures that your customers carry out transactions in a secure environment.

API Development Solutions

Our API development solutions exude practicality to our clients. We design API solutions for B2B web application development. Apart from that, we are also adept in developing Customer Relationship Management Applications. At Ark Infotech Spectrum, we modify the existing software used in cross-platform solutions for mobile, cloud and desktop configurations.

With us, you can unlock efficiencies and innovation from change

We have adopted a design-thinking led approach to organization agility which helps our clients drive agile adoption in an integrated manner. We assist you in making the alterations with the assistance of rapid iterations that in turn are enabled by intelligent automation.

We make technology work for you

We are passionate about technology and applying it to make our clients' products better and deliver overall value

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