Application Testing Services

At Ark Infotech Spectrum, we facilitate independent application testing services across several geographical locations and industries. At Ark Infotech Spectrum, you would find a pool of certified testers who are adept with industry standards. Moreover, we have flexible software testing solutions along with multiple delivery models which differentiate us from others.

Ark Infotech Spectrum brings over decades of experience in helping organizations to ensure that their business applications behave as per the specifications and remain integrated with all the functionalities. In this manner, we have developed extensive testing capabilities for a large number of verticals across various platforms.

Due to the multitude of technologies and verticals, the specific testing requirements are quite different. We have categorized our application testing services as:

  • Usability Testing

With usability testing, we are able to address the basic interaction between the users at the interaction level of the humans. This type of testing is quite useful for assessing usability issues such as flow and efficiency.

  • Security Testing

This type of application testing encompasses checking for potential risks related to manual inspections and reviews. At this level of testing, our developers review detailed codes and also perform penetration testing.

  • Performance Testing

This type of testing is usually related to the load and stress testing. We at Ark Infotech Spectrum test applications for their deployment on intranet and mobile devices. We also set benchmarks under several environment characterizations.

  • Compliance Testing

At this level of testing, we usually ensure that the application is compliant with various industry specifics such as FDA, Basel, etc. This type of testing also enables us to design an application as per the laws and ethics in a certain country or region.

We at Ark Infotech Spectrum also offer embedded or independent testing. We can test a single application or your entire IT system depending on your requirements.

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