Our Process

We possess a wealth of experience and expertise across many verticals

The cornerstone of the success of any software application development is reliant heavily on robust methodologies. This is where we at ARK Infotech Spectrum lay heavy emphasis. Our knowledgebase helps us to cater to the changing requirements of our clients from time to time. Our teams use the latest methodologies for ultimate client satisfaction.

How we approach a specific project?

We take a systematic approach so that we can identify the business needs of our clients. As per their needs, we design a particular methodology which by deriving expertise from various domains.

Development of custom applications

We are fully aware of the fact that today’s IT scenarios are being stretched fully. The organizations need to ensure the deployment of new IT applications quickly to integrate the altering requirements and ever-evolving customer needs. At ARK Infotech Spectrum, we are of the view that not all project requirements are the same.

Development of enterprise-grade applications

At ARK Infotech Spectrum, our expertise spans across various enterprise-class tools. From Oracle to PeopleSoft, we ensure that our clients get the best possible outcome. We are also adept in application integration practice. This assists us in providing data barriers.

Testing services of applications

IT applications play a pivotal role in keeping your business in the limelight. None apart from us understands this better. At ARK Infotech Spectrum, we have a full suite of capabilities so that we can deliver the right mix of assets and services. By continuous application testing, we ensure that your business processes and applications function in a proper manner. 

Outsource your IT services

If you want to free up your in-house team of technicians, then don’t look beyond ARK Infotech Spectrum. We have the ability to accommodate your ever-changing needs in the industry with varied numbers of tools and processes. Our industry-leading strategies assist you to consolidate your place as a market leader.

Development of mobile applications

Let’s admit it! A large number of your target audiences are now on major online and social platforms. Thus, in order to tap into this vast online world full of target audiences, your organization needs to have a dedicated mobile application. At ARK Infotech Spectrum, we provide expertise on data integration and mobile UI. We also lay heavy emphasis on native and customized hybrid mobile application development to ensure that our clients have the most responsive mobile apps.

We use Microsoft technologies

At ARK Infotech Spectrum, we use Microsoft technologies to accommodate the altering needs of our clients. Our Microsoft skilled professionals are adept in designing applications by using platforms like SharePoint and ASP.Net.

Tapping into the latest technology platforms is our priority

We always have an ardent passion towards the latest technologies to make products better for our clients.