What we do?

Based on our detailed assessment of the project, we fine-tune our ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM Agile methodology to execute the development work.

How We Do It: Custom Application Development Methodologies

ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM provides our clients with a competitive advantage by leveraging Agile programming principles to maximize ROI. Our guiding ethos behind this methodology is to "minimize the work not done." The Agile development approach is optimized for handling changing requirements even late in a development phase. Early and continuous delivery of working software ensures that both customer satisfaction and team motivation remain high. Utilization of techniques, such as re-factoring, pair programming, early testing, and frequent builds results in significant reduction in defects, while providing higher transparency and lower risks and costs. To top it all, the need to maintain a constant pace necessitates close interaction between all stakeholders and makes the entire custom application development process more dynamic!

ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM uses a "curved" approach to software application development. This approach is an adaptation of the Microsoft Solutions Framework, the recommendations from the Object Management Group (OMG), Unified Modeling Language for notation and the Rational Unified Process. The iterative nature of this methodology allows ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional "waterfall" approach and helps to better align custom application development to business objectives.

Each iteration is a complete cycle, starting from requirements to implementation. High priority functions are delivered first, while less critical features are developed last. Multiple iterations may be executed in parallel, depending on the nature of the project and availability of client subject-matter experts.

ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM provides a complete spectrum of software application testing services that include:

Setting up and managing Testing Centers of Excellence for:

Testing assessment: evaluation and strategy, testing models, service-level metrics

Functional testing: assembly, product, user acceptance, automated regression

Application performance testing: volume, stress/load

Testing management: test coverage analysis, defect management, reporting and metrics

Our comprehensive testing solutions can enable companies to assess quality, develop best-in-class strategies, streamline automation and perform and manage software application testing on a continual basis.

With our global model, ARK INFOTECH SPECTRUM delivers high performance and business results, which enable clients to:

Significantly reduce ongoing costs and decrease cycle time or time to market

Improve quality and application availability with lower defect rates

Enhance flexibility through "on-demand" access to global resources